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At re:3D Inc.®, we believe that size shouldn’t hold you back. Gigabot rivals other industrial printers at 1/10 the cost and boasts a build volume 30X larger than desktop models. re:3D Inc.® is breaking through the current limitations of 3D printing to unlock new applications and growth markets worldwide. Gigabot, re:3D’s flagship technology, enables industrial strength, large format 3D printing at an affordable price point.

Fully Assembled Gigabot

DSC 0035 b4936214-85f2-4dab-a343-1d72f342e48c grande.jpg

Gigabot Kit

GB - Kit 1024x1024.jpg

Retrofit Instructions

Wiring diagrams included here

DSC 0050.JPG

Gigabot Technical Specifications

2015-10-26 18.19.18.jpg

Installing add-on components

  1. Viki installation
  2. Applying BuildTak print surface
  3. Belt Tensioner Clip
  4. Threaded Rod Alignment Tool
  5. Strain Relief Cable Gland
  6. Heated bed installation
  7. 24 Volt Fan for Printhead or Electrical Box
  8. All-Metal Hot-End

Getting the most from your Gigabot

  1. Dimensional Accuracy
  2. Getting a good print
  3. Printing from Gigabot's Viki controller
  4. Tuning hot-end temperature controller
  5. Changing the filament spool
  6. Changing filament mid-print
  7. Gigabot maintenance schedule
  8. Stopping and starting mid-print

Additional resources

  1. Known problems
  2. What types of plastic can I print on my Gigabot?
  3. File:Know your filament.xlsx
  4. Moving Gigabot through a doorway
  5. Gigabot revision history
  6. More information on software for 3D printing: Software Toolchain (
  7. Post processing and finishing your prints
  8. Science and Research in 3D Printing
  9. Design Files