Gigabot maintenance schedule

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Proper use and maintenance of your machine will ensure a long and productive life

Each time you use your Gigabot
Perform a general inspection of the wiring, belts, print head and print surface.
After the initial 20 hours of print time
Inspect the X and Y belts for proper tension. Belts are, in general, rated to yield a minimum of 3000 hours of useful life.
Inspect V-groove wheels are properly tensioned and no free play is found between the trolley, gantry or bed platform and the Makerslide rails.
Once a week
Inspect the X and Y axis Makerslide and roller wheels for dirt and debris. Wipe with a clean cloth and alcohol to remove dirt build-up.
Check Z axis threaded rods have plenty of grease lubricant.
After every 500 hours of print time
Replace the Hot-end (GB2 J-Head only)
Inspect belt tension
Inspect extruder gears for wear (GB2 only)
Expected lifetime of moving / wearable items
Extruder= 2500-3000 hrs (GB2 only) [Part Print Files]
Belts = >9000 hrs
Wheel bearings:
X and Y axis = 6000 hrs
Z axis components= >6000 hrs
With proper upkeep (using the filament cleaning cloth, cleaning stray plastic off of the nozzle and heater block, etc) the all-metal hot ends can print for thousands of hours without replacement. Most often, hot ends have been replaced due to more severe print failures that produce large masses of plastic, or contaminated filament causing clogging, or some other external factors. That being said, the part most likely to wear out is the nozzle. If you are printing really abrasive materials such as carbon fiber, it can last up to 30 hours or so before needing replacement. It is recommended to purchase our hardened steel nozzle hot end if using abrasive materials.