What types of plastic can I print on my Gigabot?

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Your Gigabot can print many types of plastic filament. Most any 2.85mm diameter thermoplastic filament that can be extruded at less than 320C with a bed less than 130C will print with your Gigabot. The re:3D engineering team has tested the following filaments on Gigabot:

  1. PLA - Recommended for ease of printing and versatility of use.
  2. PET and PET-G - More flexible than PLA and slightly higher heat resistance
  3. ABS - More resistant to harsh environments but shrinkage than PLA.
  4. PC - Polycarbonate for high temperature or high strength applications.
  5. Taulman T-Glasse - FDA approved for direct food contact.
  6. Taulman 910 - High strength nylon alloy.
  7. Taulman PCTPE - TPU and Nylon blend to give a durable semi-flex material.
  8. Taulman Nylon 645 - Nylon engineered to be 3D printable.
  9. Ninjatek Cheetah - Prints faster than Semiflex.
  10. Ninja SemiFlex - Slightly more flexible than Cheetah.
  11. EcoFlex PLA - Flexible PLA.
  12. Woodfill - PLA based filament the looks, sands, and smells like wood.
  13. PLA/PHA - More flexible than PLA. High toughness.
  14. PVA - Water dissolvable support.
  15. PolySupport - Special support usable with PLA.

Many, Many more