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Retrofit Instruction Links
Title PDF Link YouTube Link
GB2 to GB3+ N/A Playlist
GB3 to GB3+ N/A Playlist
Single to Dual Extruder Upgrade N/A Video
Wheeled Platform Assembly PDF Video
Side Panel Retrofit PDF N/A
GB3+ Leveling Block Retrofit PDF N/A
Z Limit and Power Switch Retrofit PDF Video
Filament Detection Retrofit PDF N/A
Viki 2.0 Retrofit PDF GB2 Owners GB3+ Upgrade
GB2 All Metal Hot End Upgrade PDF N/A
Gigabox Enclosure PDF N/A
Dual Y Axis Homing Switch Installation PDF N/A

Gigabot Wiring Diagrams

Azteeg PRO Wiring Diagram

Azteeg Wiring Diagram

Viki 1.0 and Azteeg 1.0

Viki 2.0 and Azteeg 1.2

Viki 2.0 and Azteeg 2.0

Filament Detection

See the visual below to determine your Azteeg version:

Azteeg Differences -515403-.jpg

Retrofit Instruction Edit Logs

Filament Detection edit log