Changing the filament spool

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GB3 model printer

  1. Turn on Gigabot
  2. Connect USB cable to computer
  3. Open Pronterface and connect to Gigabot
  4. Heat up the hot end to standard operating temp for the plastic you are using (210C for PLA)
  5. Reverse filament 90mm
  6. Turn off hot end heat
  7. Remove filament from filament tube

Insert new filament

  1. Insert new filament into the filament tube
  2. Set hot end temp to match new filament
  3. Guide filament into the filament drive gear
  4. Extrude 90mm using Pronterface controls
  5. Re-attached the filament cleaning pad to keep dust and debris out of the filament tube and hot end

Please Note:

If you are changing to a different type of plastic filament (from PLA to ABS for example) be sure to adjust the hot-end temperature accordingly. You may need to extrude up to 100mm of filament to flush out the old plastic before printing.