Gigabot maintenance schedule

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Proper use and maintenance of your machine will ensure a long and productive life

Each time you use your Gigabot
Perform a general inspection of the wiring, belts, print head and print surface.
After the initial 20 hours of print time
Inspect the X and Y belts for proper tension. Belts are, in general, rated to yield a minimum of 3000 hours of useful life.
Inspect V-groove wheels are properly tensioned and no free play is found between the trolley, gantry or bed platform and the Makerslide rails.
Once a week
Inspect the X and Y axis Makerslide and roller wheels for dirt and debris. Wipe with a clean cloth and alcohol to remove dirt build-up.
Check Z axis threaded rods have plenty of grease lubricant.
After every 500 hours of print time
Replace the Hot-end (GB2 J-Head only)
Inspect belt tension
Inspect extruder gears for wear (GB2 only)
Expected lifetime of moving / wearable items
Extruder= 2500-3000 hrs (GB2 only) [Part Print Files]
Belts = >9000 hrs
Wheel bearings:
X and Y axis = 6000 hrs
Z axis components= >6000 hrs