First Print

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*We Highly recommend Gigabot prints from the on-board microSD card


  1. Start with 3D CAD model in .stl file format.
  2. Use Simplify3D to process the model and export the G-code instructions for Gigabot.
  3. Place the G-code on the microSD card and print directly from the Viki controller.

Using Simplify3D

  1. Download the File:20mm-box.stl
  2. Open Simplify3D and import the 20mm-box.stl
  3. Check that the Gigabot settings are selected and active in Simplify3D under "Edit Process Settings"
  4. From the main screen in Simplify3D click on "Prepare to Print" button
  5. Save the G-code file to your computer
  6. Open Pronterface and connect to Gigabot
  7. In Pronterface click on "Load File" and open the G-code file generated by Simplify3D
  8. The tool path will show in the Pronterface preview window
  9. Click "Print" and Gigabot will begin heating the bed, then heating the hot-end and then begin printing.