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Viki Case

Viki holder.jpg

Download our Viki Holder model here to print it yourself

...and use our PDF instruction manual:

Viki 2 Manual.jpg

Upgrading from a Viki 1 to a Viki 2 requires you to install new firmware.

Replacing the Viki LCD display board

  1. Remove the four screws securing the aluminum LCD enclosure end plate with the cable grommet.
  2. Slide out the enclosure plate with the Viki attached.
  3. Note orientation and location of two wire bundles.
  4. Unplug cables from old unit and plug into new one
  5. Remove M3 screws fixing the old Viki to the cover plate
  6. Replace old Viki with new one
  7. Reassemble and test unit

re:3D wiring for Azteegs 1.0 through 2.0

Viki Case