Changing filament mid-print

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Gigabot Filament Detection Unit

Automatic filament detection on GB3 printers and GB2 printers with filament detection retrofit kit installed.

When filament runs out while printing your Gigabot will perform the following actions:

  1. Small 3mm retraction and print head moves to the filament change position.
  2. Large 80mm retraction and hot-end cools down.
  3. Viki displays message to change filament.
  4. Remove the remaining filament from filament tube.
  5. Replace filament spool and feed new filament into filament tube up to the extruder.
  6. Press center button on Viki to initiate heating of hot-end.
  7. When hot-end has reached the correct temperature and stabilized for ten seconds. Viki message will change from "Heating" to "Extrude".
  8. Turn Viki hand wheel clockwise to feed filament through extruder into the hot-end. Continue until you see filament extruding from hot-end.
  9. Press center button on the Viki to resume the print.

Pausing and resuming a print without a filament detection unit

Using Pronterface
  1. Click on Pause button at top of screen
  2. Click on Home X button
  3. Click on Home Y button
  4. Reverse extruder 80mm
  5. Turn off extruder heat
  6. Remove filament
  7. Open filament tensioner, inspect and clean drive gear
  8. Insert new filament
  9. Close filament tensioner
  10. Set extruder temperature
  11. Click on Home X
  12. Click on Home Y
  13. Click on Resume button