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Customers who have purchased the full Gigabot 2 to Gigabot 3 retrofit, please follow these manuals below in this order to complete your installation:

You can follow along with our playlist of GB2 to GB3 retrofit videos

  • Gigabot Trolley and Cable Carrier Upgrade
  • Power and Z Limit Switch Relocation
  • Viki 2.0 Installation
  • Viki LCD Holder Installation
  • Filament Detection Installation
  • Side Panel Installation

Wiring diagrams and edit logs for all instruction manuals are found at the bottom of this page

Alt text
GB2 All-metal Hot End Upgrade
Alt text
GB3+ Leveling Block Retrofit

Filament detection manual.jpg
GB3 trolley and Cable carrier manual.jpg

Wheeled Platform Manual.jpg
Viki 2 Manual.jpg

Power and Z limit switch manual.jpg
Side Panel Manual.jpg

Gigabot Wiring Diagrams

GB3+ Dual Extruder Wiring Diagram

Viki 1.0 and Azteeg 1.0

Viki 2.0 and Azteeg 1.2

Viki 2.0 and Azteeg 2.0

Filament Detection

See the visual below to determine your Azteeg version:

Azteeg Differences -515403-.jpg

Retrofit Instruction Edit Logs

Filament Detection edit log