Fully Assembled Gigabot

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Gigabot Quick Start Guide

Receiving and uncrating

  1. Inspect the exterior of the crate for any visible damage
  2. Inspect the Tip-n-Tell indicators on two sides of the crate
  3. Inspect Shockwatch indicator on the outside of the crate

Alt text

Open crate and remove Gigabot

  1. Remove bed locks and zip ties.

Check bed height and bed level

  1. Plug in power
  2. Turn on Gigabot
  3. Home Z and check bed height

Very important. The first layer of your print is the foundation of your object

  1. Hot end tip should be about 0.005" above the bed

Check bed level

  1. Manually move the print head front to back and right to left over the bed

Installing software and start printing

  1. Installing and using software with Gigabot
  2. Calibrating your Gigabot
  3. First Print

Getting the most from your Gigabot

  1. Getting a good print
  2. Printing from Gigabot's Viki controller
  3. Tuning hot-end temperature controller
  4. Changing the filament spool
  5. Gigabot maintenance schedule